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Fleetguard Hydraulic Filter - HF6059

Fleetguard HF6059 Hydraulic Filter

Price: $13.02
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Brand: Cummins Filtration
Manufacturer Part No: HF6059
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Availability: Usually Ships in 1 to 2 Days

Replacement for: Leyland ACU1637, Pbr AC3097, AC309710, Ap Lockheed APH3074A, AP3074, LK3074, Asas AS123HT, John Deere AT35270, AT39361, AW16050, Massey Ferguson 506009M1, 508086M92, 516069M94, 523377M91, 1002883M1, 1028208M1, 1039161M91, Ingersoll Rand 50930106, 35894088, 35989623, 50265305, Wix 51096, 51506, CW1509P, New Idea 707648, Fiat 71007060, 71152408, 1152408, Caterpillar 773250, 8T4051, 9Y4519, New Holland 80181212, 181212, Nelson 83521A, Big A 843, 92096, 92506, Carquest 85096, 85506, Michigan 896154, 948983, 6505024, 6511197, 4148212, 4149169, 1566622, Savara 92151817, Clark 948983, 949983, 566622, 6511197, 4148212, 4149169, 1566622, Agco 516069M94, 523377M91, 707648, 30-3024725, A-303024725, Raygo 57000043, 13420003, 13420017, Gmc 6436853, 6436854, 6438428, Crosland 7001A, 7001K, Coopers AZH008, Knecht CF20, Gresen 3281001, 3293, 3293001, RFB201, 1597, 3143, 3276, 3276001, 1509, 1556, 1566, SF201, RFA201, K23036A, K23039, K23048, K24004, K24006, K24015, K25006, LF201, F201, F401, K23005, K23013, K23015, K23026, FR251, CL23013, Dynahoe 335657, Dynapac 335657, Owatonna 420-21419, 42021419, P & H Harnischfeger 45Z292, 1046Z292, Subaru 4728-10110, 47281-0110, 472810110, Steiger 501911T1, 501911T91, 14988, Gregoire 170036, Ford 181212, SFD014988, White 195694A, 2728227, 30-3022161, 30-3024725, 303022161, A-303024725, 10A30280, Trojan 2070279, Yaletown 2070279, Versatile 26344, 15799, CO11640, Deluxe 285, 1285, Rexnord 298650568, A & I Mega-cross 1096, 1506, Sambron 1150578D, Allis-chalmers 1152408, Ryco R2267P, R2345, R2345P, Sure SFH0373, Hifi/jura Filtration SH56109, St ST6059, Case-ih T37485, Ucc Hydraulics UCMF141010R, UCMF1410410, Wabco VS6458, VW6458, YW6458, Letourneau VW6458, YW6458, Baldwin V1544T, PT207-HD10, PT207HD10, PT373, Woodgate WGH6059, Zinga Z2301310, C2301310, Galion D67372, Purolator EP225, PEL266, H40225, Marvel Schebler M32897110, M32895110, Ac Delco PF494, Tecfil PH519, Perry PL285, Cyclone PM1509A, Donaldson P165027, P553293, P779545, HFP553293, Fluitek P450710B7, P450710S7, Champ P50910, LP509-10, LP50910, Hastings P711, P711A, P723, LF150, HF723, Rol Pak RE10, Famel FA244H, FA253H, Finn FFP171, K23036 Gresen , Luberfin LP509-10, LP50910, Kralinator L854A, Hyco MEX1544T, M Filter MO1129P, M01129P, Motorcraft FH9, Fram F1703V51, F17031, F1671V15C1, F1671V151, F1671V5C1, F1671V51, F16711, F1672V15C1, F1672V151, F1672V5C1, F1672V51, F16721, F1703V15C1, F1703V151, F1703V5C1, C1671, C1703, C7560, Guiot GE1671, Gud G569, Heavy Duty Air HEP225, Hydac HK23013, H23013, Mahle HX2, Teho Filter H1021, Sakura H51170, Keltec KL530011, Diamond DH2225, Maste A-D18

Fits Models: New Idea Combine 802, 803

Hydraulic filter is important component of your engine. Through the years of innovations Fleetguard manufactures high efficiency hydraulic filters that often exceed OEM specifications.

Fleetguard HF6059 Hydraulic Filter is made by Cummins Filtration to prolong the life of your engine and cut off the down time. HF6059 covers wide range of equipment so please make sure you are ordering the correct part number. If you are unsure about the correct part for your application please contact us to check the fitment.

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